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Simple yet powerful software built by people, for people.

Manufacturers and the green industry in North America are some of the silent heroes of our modern economy. Although distinct, they share a common challenge: staying competitive in the face of operational complexity.

The key to profitability for these industries lies in fostering seamless synergy within their organizations, aligning every aspect of their operations.

Exeogen's robust yet user-friendly software helps you regain control over every facet of your business, replacing numerous inefficient software and systems.

With Exeogen ERP, you can have confidence that your customers receive the products they need when they need them.

Exeogen ERP was designed and developed by a small team of developers who care deeply for the hard-working business owners in the Niagara Region. What started as software to help grow and distribute flowers that brighten our souls, plants that clean our air and fruits & vegetables that nourish our bodies is now used by manufacturers to bring their products to the world efficiently and profitably.

We work with companies across North America!

Meet our team.

Rick VanIperen
President & Chief Software Architect
905-643-0086 x 102
Steve Vis
Project Manager
905-643-0086 x 117
Michael Meijaard
Software Engineer
905-643-0086 x 121
Devon Hummel
Project Manager
905-643-0086 x 183
Nathan VanDyken
Application Development
905-643-0086 x 104